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About Dr. Kamboj

Cardiologist in Las Vegas Nevada

Dr.Kamboj is an expert in Cardiovascular disease,Interventional cardilogy sleep medicine. As a Cardiologist in Las Vegas Nevada, he continues with his passion of teaching in addition to having a busy practice. He specializes and is an expert in Cardiology and Sleep Medicine.

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Studies & Expertise


Preventive Cardiology

Prevention by identifying and treating individuals at risk of developing Heart and Vascular diseases.

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Clinical Cardiology

Treatment of Congestive heart failure and medical treatment of all aspects of cardiovascular diseases.

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Sleep Medicine

Evaluation, management and treatment of all aspects of sleep related breathing disorders.

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Minimally Invasive AdvancedCardiac & Vascular Interventions

Treatment of Heart Disease with minimally invasive techniques such as balloon angioplasty, stents and other revolutionary methods.

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Varicose Veins

Treatment procedure involving radiofrequency or laser energy (catheter-assisted).

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Venous Disorder

Compression treatment using specialized compression wear.

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Mission Statement

To use professionally and comprehensively use advance technology and apply years of knowledge and experience in healing patients who have sleep disorders and cardiovascular issues.

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