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Clients’ Reviews

“I am amazed that I have found a Doctor whom specializes in both Cardio & Sleep Medicine. I will be able to take care of these co-dependent issues in the same place at the same and with the same Doctor. This is an incredibly unique and innovative health service that is being provided by Dr. Kamboj and his staff. Thank You for the Introduction, Zocdoc.”

5 stars– Loren F.

“Dr. Kamboj was wonderful. He addressed all my cardiac concerns and seemed to really care. His staff is outstanding too. Dr. Kamboj seems to also have a great rapport with his staff. I am very happy with the customer service and patient care at this office.”

5 stars– Stevie S.

“He was very empathic towards my concerns. He notice things concerning me that was on point.”

5 stars– David L.

“It was an excellent experience. Staff was friendly. Dr Kamboj took time to talk to me regarding my condition. He was very knowledgeable and very detailed which I like.”

5 stars– Criselda L.

“He seems to be knowledgeable and evaluated my problem very quickly. I’m happy to have foud him.”

5 stars– Dennis D.

“Great doctor, very cool guy who knows the Heart and anything cardiovascular…”

5 stars– William S.

“Great first impression. Very friendly, professional, gets right to diagnosis and recommendations. I’ll be going back.”

5 stars– Kenneth L R.

“When I was a patient at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, I was fortunate to have been under the care of Dr. Kamboj. His visit with me proved to be very informative. He helped me to understand my condition and how I should proceed to maintain my health in the future. He was respectful, friendly, and interested in achieving a positive outcome for my future. His office made a follow-up call to me after I returned to my home in Caifornia to make sure that I had found a doctor that would take care of my medical needs. In my opinion, Dr. Kamboj is sincerely interested in finding the best solutions for his patients’ health issues.”

5 stars– RateMDs Review

“Dr. Kamboj is a true professional, healer, and educator, as well as, highly intelligent. After reading and evaluating a referal echo-cardio report, he seemingly knew everything about me based on what he read. He helped me to understand all my correlating conditions related to my heart condition, thus, getting me on the right track to better health. I am deeply greatful to have him as a Doctor and will continue to use him and refer to him.”

5 stars– RateMDs Review

“I have been a patient of Dr. Kamboj for over 6 years, having first met him at Desert Springs Hospital where I had gone because of chest pains – he diagnosed a heart attack. He discovered a severely blocked artery in my heart, cleaned it up and placed a stent to alleviate the problem. He subsequently performed further angioplasty, placing stents in 2 other locations. Dr. Kamboj is a true professional who gives 100+% of himself for his patients and takes the time to learn about his patients. After discovering a blockage in the Top Main Artery of my heart requiring an Arterial By- pass, the surgeon he chose for the surgery, together with her partners, was fantastic. If you are looking for a doctor who will tell you what you want to hear Dr. Kamboj may not be for you – but, if you want a top professional who is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to his patients, go no further than Dr. Kamboj. He is the BEST.”

5 stars– RateMDs Review

“I was very pleased with my appointment with Dr. Kamboj. He helped me to feel at ease, explained in detail what I needed to know and spent the appropriate amount of time with me answering all my questions. The office staff was friendly, polite and helpful. They were very patient with the patients and the questions and concerns they had.”

5 stars– RateMDs Review

“Dr. Ejaz Kamboj and his experienced and friendly staff has provided my family timely, compassionate and very thorough care. My mother has numerous health problems, complicated by vascular and lewy body dementia. In addition, I have sleep apneia and HBP. Dr. Kamboj and every single member of his staff take great care to make use of every test method possible, many of which is done in their own office, to diagnose and appropriately treat both us. I’m very grateful to the entire staff for their care.”

5 stars– Weisgerber/Gallagher

“Dr. Kamboj has been treating me for afib for over 12 years. He has always been a compassionate,and highly competent caregiver. Recently, he arranged for me to go to UCLA for an ablation procedure that has been very successful. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

5 stars– David Snyder

“I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Kamboj . I would give him 10 stars if I could. I sincerely appreciate the quality time that he spends with me and feel he has gone above and beyond what a normal doctor would’ve done. I would highly recommend him.”

5 stars– Robert Mangino

“Amazing bedside manner and wealth of knowledge!!! I have seen 3 other cardiologists in this city that don’t care at all about their patients, and FINALLY found a doctor who takes the time to really listen and HELP you understand your issues!!! What a blessing and a gift to have found him! If there is a wait time, it’s because he’s actually spending the time needed to give great care to his patients!!”

5 stars– Laura Alexander

“I love Dr. Kamboj, and though his staff is a little overwhelmed at times, I usually have no complaints; I get seen in a reasonable amount of time, and the doctor’s manner is pleasant and professional. The treatment rooms are a little cramped, but I’m not there for the ambiance. A competent, caring man and very pleasant staff.”

5 stars– Helen O.

“I first saw Dr. Kamboj at Mountain View hospital. My husband wasn’t feeling well and the doctor was there. He took excellent care of Bob with respect and tender care. When my husband was released and sent home. I asked Dr. Kamboj if he would take me on also. With reservations he did. He noticed dark marks on my lower legs and recommended that I get doppler ultersounds on my legs. Some blockage was found and Dr. Kamboj removed it in his office. He knew I was anxious about the procedure and so did Pat. She stayed with me and held my hand and kept mt calm. This is just a small example of the thoughtful kindness of the staff. Thanks Dr. Kamboj and staff.”

5 stars– Meryl B.

“He is a great Dr. he saved my wife’s life. When our insurance had not kicked in yet we had 30 days before insurance started thanks to this messed up system. He cared for her free to try to keep her alive until insurance started. With two weeks to go she just couldn’t wait any longer. So he put the stent in her main artery free of charge. We still had to pay for hospital and etc. he had no control over that. Try and find someone that would do that for you. Thank you is not close to enough. Thank you again Dr. Kamboj.”

5 stars– Rob H.

“I was referred to Dr. Kamboj after having an irregular reading on an EKG given prior to being cleared to have a relatively minor procedure done that would require anethisia. Once he saw the EKG results he ordered some additional tests and determined that I needed bypass surgery immediately. The surgery was done the following day at Mountain View hospital. I had had no symptoms of heart problems prior to this so who knows what might have happened if he had not ordered some follow up tests. I have recovered very well from the bypass surgery and have continued to be under his care for the past year since then.”

5 stars– Jenny C.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Kamboj for over a year now and was referred by my primary Dr. McGrorey. I couldn’t be happier with the care I’ve received. I know he has a wide range of patient types but my primary interest in seeing Dr. Kamboj was for evaluation for sleep apnea. The sleep center they have works very well and I am very satisfied that I am now under great care and receiving benefit from my therapy. My only suggestion is you leave a generous buffer around your scheduled appointment time, he occasionally runs behind but it’s because he’s taking the time to resolve peoples health issues that were greater than expected. That’s the kind of doctor you want working for you in my opinion.”

5 stars– George R.

“This is a review of Dr. Ejaz Kamboj, a heart specialist in Las Vegas. But first let me explain how I found him.

I am 68 years old with a long history of high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, sleep apnea and some other related health issues. My previous doctor had failed to lower my blood pressure when it hit 200. I left that doctor’s office and immediately went to an Urgent Care Center at 6125 Tropicana (this facility is still there but under new management – now you should ask for Dr. Owen). Anyway, after an examination and administration of a drug called Norvasc they got my blood pressure to come down a bit. They told me to see Dr. Kamboj the next day and I believe he literally saved my life.

I was told that Dr. Kamboj is one of the top heart specialists on the West Coast and now I believe it. He ran some tests on me and reviewed my current list of medicines. He replaced a couple of them and discontinued some. Over the next couple of months he made minor adjustments to my medicines and within a short period of time my pressure was down to 120/80. It has stabilized at that level for over a year now.

My treatments by Dr. Kamboj also included a sleep test which they also do nightly in soundproof rooms on the premises. I’ve always snored loudly but after seeing the test results that showed how snoring affected my breathing and heartbeat it made me an instant believer. I’ve been using a CPAP machine ever since. No more snoring and I sleep much better at night. I’m sure this CPAP machine also contributed to my lower and stabilized blood pressure. Yes, it takes a little time to get used to wearing the CPAP mask at night but it is well worth it.

Unlike many physicians, Dr. Kamboj spends time with you, studies your chart and history carefully and is well-known for diagnosing problems on your first visit.

Dr. Kamboj’s facility has the staff and equipment to implement a wide variety of heart-related tests and procedures. I’ve had various artery and vein-related ultrasounds, for example, and as a result of these tests, the Dr. and his staff did some Venous procedures on my legs. Simple and painless, and within a few weeks the discoloration and bulging veins in my legs were gone.

Dr. Kamboj also referred me to a general practitioner, Dr. Zahid Hamid who has done a good job helping me with some of my other health issues.

Dr. Kambjo’s office staff is friendly, knowledgeable and does a great job. This review is mainly for the office at 1770 N. Buffalo Dr. 702-233-5764 but he also has an office on Eastern Ave. I’ve actually been to both and they are modern, clean and high-tech.”

5 stars– Bernard W.

“I’ve been seeing Doctor Ejaz Kamboj since 2016. I have sleep apnea issues. For so very long, I struggled with not sleeping through nights. Finally, I went to Doctor Kamboj and he has been treating me for my sleep Apnea disorder. I’m please with his treatment and guidance in helping me sleep so very much better. I recommend him to others who have Sleep Apnea issues. He is pleasant to speak with and gives good advice about controlling ones’ sleep Apnea problems.”

5 stars– Dennis D.